Frequently Asked Questions


How long does STYLAB typically spend on a request?

We provide an initial estimate right away so there are no surprises. Overall, the time spent will completely depend on the request and how well STYLAB knows you so we get more efficient over time. We never drag it out any longer than needed, we want to answer as quickly as possible.

Is my information secure and private?

Absolutely YES. STYLAB considers ALL of your information private and we go to extraordinary measures to ensure it is fully protected via restrictions on IP, encryption and all consultants handling your information sign legal documents related to non-disclosure and are highly trained relative to privacy and the importance of the security of your data.

Can’t I just Google up my style related question?

Please do as much research on your own as you desire before you contact us, we actually encourage it. The more educated you are the easier our job is and the quicker we can put the finishing touches on you. However, if you’re busy in general or overwhelmed by the differing of opinions out there then feel free to just start with us.

Do you have an overall design principle relative to advising customers?

Yes, we believe in designing from the inside out and that form follows function – very much in the same way a great architect approaches the design of a building. Dressing in a way that is not consistent with you as a person will eventually have negative consequences in the long run and we take a long-run view of our relationships.

What happens if STYLAB doesn't get the answer I’m looking for?

If you are not satisfied, then we obviously won’t request payment – we are still developing our knowledge base and constantly making improvements, so we’ll chalk it up to a learning experience and get better. We’ll encourage you to come back with free minutes and try to earn back your trust.

Can I ask for advice for someone else - like my significant other?

Yes! Even if you’re not in need we recognize that it could be a case where you know someone who needs help. It could also be a case where you’re constantly being asked by someone else but you either don’t feel comfortable giving your advise or just don’t know - leave the heavy lifting to us and buy time for them!


Not at this time but one is in the works & will function similar to texting will but with a few additional features and you’ll have the option to switch later if you desire (it’s not required).

Is payment due immediately after usage?

No, we’ll let you build up fees until $20 before sending your bill via Square which you can pay online so you don’t have to keep paying constantly for quick usages.